Clicker is a platform that helps retailers provide their customers with the convenience of high quality add-on services like furniture assembly, home appliances installation, etc.
Customer buys the goods that need installation either online or in-store.
The customer scans the QR-code to see all the installation options in a simple calculator format.
The customer books required services in-store or after some time.
The customer chooses a convenient time for the professionals to come and install the product.
Highly-rated professionals show up on time and

The customer can pay in advance (in-store or when ordering online), or after all work is completed.
The customer leaves feedback or contacts our professional support team for further help or queries.
Easily purchase services in-store
We provide pre-paid vouchers for assembly and installation services. Booking is as easy as scanning QR-code and choosing options on a simple calculator.
Works online
We help our partners to install the "additional services" widget to their online stores.
Hassle-free payment
Your customers will have options how and when to pay: they can pay in advance (in-store or when ordering online), or after the installation work is completed.
Let your customers choose a convenient time
Your customers can schedule a visit by clicking a link that will be automatically sent to their mobile phone via SMS.
Retailer's dashboard
In our members' area on the website, you can see all the information regarding orders: customer satisfaction statistics, service company's ratings and individual professional ratings along with a list of completed orders.
You can add additional services or cities/areas of service and choose which service providers you would like to work with and which you wouldn't.
Highly-rated professionals
Every order is tracked via GPS to ensure timely service delivery. The customers can rate our service which in turn helps us keep our quality of service at its best.
Roles and responsibilities
A web application to help customers calculate the cost of the installation services and book the order for convenient time.

We ensure maximum customer satisfaction by choosing the right professionals for the job and controlling the quality of service delivery.

We get feedback from customers and provide professional support in case a customer is not fully satisfied with the service provided.
Service provider company
Carrying out the actual assembly/installation jobs.

Responsible to ensure the quality of service and quickly respond to customer feedback.
Chooses services to offer.

Chooses the cities/areas where this service will be made available.

Chooses service providers according to their rating.
Analyse the service providers' ratings and other data to decide whom to work with.
Easy set up of new service providers in every city or area of presence.
Real-time monitoring of service bookings.
Competitive advantage by providing an end-to-end purchase and installation experience for your customers.
Highly-rated professionals
We conduct a thorough background check on all our service providers and we always ask our customers for feedback. An average professional has a consumer rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.
Communicating with customer
We never give your customers' contacts to the service provider to avoid any unnecessary calls or direct contact. All communication with the client is made via SMS or the web app. And our professional support team is always ready to help: by phone, via chat or by email.
Always on time
We make sure the professionals arrive on time for service delivery. All orders are tracked via GPS.
Available in any city or area of your presence
We have partnered with service providers in all major cities of the EU. If you sell to areas that we don't currently cover - we will find service providers in those areas and connect them to our system.
Price is known in advance
While ordering a product, the customer chooses all installation options by himself or with the help of your salesmen. The installation price is known in advance and never changes.
Satisfaction guarantee
If the customer is not fully satisfied - we refund money or provide professional from another company on our own expense.
Please leave your name, email or phone number and we will get back to you with all the details as soon as possible.
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